Getting started is simple. Just download our software in the download menu section/click getting started from menu then fill out your school information
To submit scores to your academic master or class teacher you need to register and login into your account. Click the Submit Score section in the menu above
Sure, you can try our risk free demo by downloading the software in the download menu.
You can easily register via the Register Students menu in ShuleMax home desktop software
Yes you can. You'll only need an Excel/CSV file with a list of students
Our starter package starts at Tsh 150,000 with limited features.
Yes and No. Some features such as score submission, SMS and uploading results to school website do require internet but you can still enjoy the software without getting connected
We preferably accept M-PESA. Please contact us for other payment methods
ShuleMax offers free data backup and restore functionality. Please make backup regularly.
No. That one is not accepted
Submitted scores are temporarily stored in our server when academic office opens the system. Submitted scores are deleted from our server when submission system is closed by academic office.
If you are out of credits please contact us for account top up
You can do that from Calculator menu or when you want to publish exam
This is simple than you think. Just select class, stream and term. The rest is automatic
You just need to make payment. The required modules will be activated after making payment
No. We do offer functional software, please try before you buy
Yes we can do that. Please contact us and we'll plan the training session at the agreed cost if any
ShuleMax is meant for academicians. It is recommended you install on academic department computer i.e school academic master.
ShuleMax is designed for secondary and primary schools


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