Last updated 20 October 2018                                                  


This privacy policy outlines information we collect about you, your school and your students, this policy further lets you know how we use such information and who we share your information with when you use ShuleMax products and services including software on your computer, mobile or web.

Information collected by ShuleMax

When you register your school with us you trust us with your school information including but not limited to students information, parents information, teachers, financial information, etc. The following is what we collect:

  1. School information

ShuleMax collects your school name, registration number, contact phone numbers, school ownership, email address, website, postal address and physical address.

  1. Students information

When you register your students with us, ShuleMax will ask you to provide students information.  ShuleMax will only need the following mandatory information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Sex
  • Class
  • Stream

Other optional student information include: Middle name, birthday, examination number, previous schools, a photo, health information, parent/guardian name and contact information

  1. Staff/Teachers information

ShuleMax collects the following teachers information: teachers names, optional email address, phone number, affiliated school name, teaching subjects, position and role.

  1. Financial data

ShuleMax collects and stores schools financial data such as fee structure and fee receipts. This information is provided by the registered school personnel entrusted with such task such as accountant.

  1. Login information and user activity

When you login to ShuleMax we collect some information and store some of your account  activities and what you do including viewing, editing and deletion of information. We are only doing this to provide you, your school, and other ShuleMax users a safe place to manage their schools. We do not know or collect your password, passwords are MD5 encrypted and we can not read them at all.


How ShuleMax use collected information

We are committed to openness. Our goal is to Power your School” and provide you with a unique experience whilst allowing you to manage your school with easy, effortlessly.

ShuleMax uses your information to provide you with personalized user experience.

Information shared outside ShuleMax

ShuleMax may use third party services to process some operations i.e sending SMS from our web or desktop application requires that we send and process this information with other businesses and service providers. In such case your information is securely processed following guidelines outlines in this document.

Account Security

ShuleMax is committed to protect your account and school information. We require that system users create strong and not easy to guess passwords. Your password is private, do not share it with anyone including ShuleMax staff. In some cases, ShuleMax uses SMS/Email verification to send a random challenge code to phone or email and requires that you enter a code sent via SMS or Email. This verification technique ensures that only authorized personnel has access to your school data. 

Policy changes 

This policy applies to all ShuleMax products and services. This policy is subjected to regular revisions and updates, when changes to our policy are made we will keep you informed of what has changed.

Changes to this policy may be done without prior notice.