This page keeps track of ShuleMax software updates

Version 2.4 (January 07, 2019)

-Report Cards: Fixed an issue where unattended subject would show average of ‘0’ with grade F
-Report Cards: Added ability to create reports for other exams such as tests, mock and any other exam registered at a school
-Report Cards: Increased report generation speed
-Report Cards: Dropped support for HTML samples
-Report Cards: Introduced XML report samples
-Report Cards: New Button to reset report generation options
-Report Cards: Added Option to Delete, Rename and Duplicate Samples
-Report Cards: Fixed an issue which prevented opening sample file name with spaces
-Report Cards: Added ability to insert images such as school logo and signatures in sample files
-Report Cards: Report are sorted by student rank (position) by default
-Report Cards: Right Click to Open Folder containing generated reports
-Report Cards: Right Click to change view>large icons, small, list and detailed view
-Report Cards: Fixed average calculation where a second subject was ignored
-Calculator: New Color option for rows
-Fixed data syncing problems
-Improved forced-sync
-Simplified setup process
-Fixed Window initialization error*

Version 2.3 (December 04, 2018)
-Fixed critical data syncing problems with ShuleMax web
-Minor improvements


Version 2.2 (November 30, 2018)
-Added an option to auto login
-Added an option to remember password
-Last date-time sync is now displayed in seconds, minutes, hours and days
-Report Cards: Introduced Settings Option in Report Cards
-Report Cards: Introduced Sample Report Files
-Report Cards: Added an option to edit sample files
-Report Cards: Added an option to Import report file samples
-Report Cards: Added ability to create midterm only, terminal only, annual only or both
-Report Cards: Added ability to change exam information
-Report Cards added a printer name in printing confirmation dialog
-Fixed an issue where a school was blocked when internet was down or when out of data balance
-Pressing ESC will now cancel data sync at startup
-Introduced Automatic software update checks and notifications
-Update check via ShuleMax Menu>Backup, Update, Settings > Check Updates
-Fixed data syncing problems with ShuleMax web


Version 2.1 (October 31, 2018)
Results summary is now correctly displayed when document is published
-Introduced SMS/Email security verification check when activating/installing software
-Fixed an issue which prevented School Setup from being executed
-Dropped ReadOnly Mode feature in Calculator
-Dropped Students Manager (registration,editing) (Desktop Only)
-Dropped Backup/Restore feature (Desktop Only)
-Fixed an issue with key press simulation
-Improved general performance
-Minor data syncing updates


Version 2.0 (May 25, 2018)
-Fixed an issue where SMS were not sent from SMS API
-Introduced ShuleWeb (BETA)
-Introduced Fee Collection Module (Web Only)
-Calculator fixed an issue when opening documents without Division or Points columns
-Calculator massive updates to calculation engine
-Calculator added an option to create document without exam name
-Calculator added ability to create blank documents
-Calculator fixed an issue which prevented some documents from being published
-Calculator improved file saving functionality
-Calculator added column REMARKS in ACSEE Mode
-Calculator added column POS in ACSEE mode
-Improved general performance
-Minor fixes


Version 1.9 (October 19, 2017)
-Added subject: Additional Mathematics
-Added subject: Science
-Added subject: Social Science
-Added ability to change password
-Calculator fixed an issue where average was not correctly calculated
-Calculator fixed an issue where randomly invalid Division was displayed
-Calculator can now accept unique column names only
-Calculator improved calculation engine
-Calculator added ability to hide/show Tool Bar and Status Bar
-Temporarily disabled Refresh Command
-Pressing ESC will now quit Calculator when starting
-Calculation engine speed adjustment (Slow, Normal, Fast)
-Calculator added ability to show debug information
-Introduced new recognizable file icon for ShuleMax documents
-Pressing enter will take you to the cell below
-Fixed an issue which prevented passmarks from being modified
-Implemented file save notification before closing ShuleMax calculator
-Improved Refresh command to easily correct errors
-Fixed an issue where ALevel Documents could not be loaded
-Integrated with TeamViewer for easy online help
-Improved general performance
-Increased UI font size
-Minor User Interface enhancements


Version 1.8 (July 30, 2017)
-Added partial support for primary schools
-Introduced new file extension for primary schools (.psle)
-Introduced read only mode in calculator to prevent accidental editing
-Improved students registration system
-Added an option to send SMS to parent when student is registered
-version visibility in ShuleMax main window
-Fixed a bug that affected uploading results to school websites
-Fixed a bug that prevented loading saved scores from Results Editor/Viewer
-Fixed a bug that incorrectly interpreted DIVISION I & II as DIVISION III
-Simplified results publication process
-Reintroduced calculator recheck/refresh command to correct calculation errors
-Improved school setup experience
-added secure login with password protection
-Names in results editor are now left aligned by default
-Single instance ShuleMax Main Menu Window
-Single instance Students Register Window
-Single instance Edit/View Results
-Single instance Report Cards Maker
-Single instance Search
-Single instance Students Info Viewer
-Single instance Bulk Registration (students import)
-Performance improvements
-Minor fixes


Version 1.7 (May 19, 2017)
-Added an option to exclude streams from calculator students list
-Added Examination number to students information
-Simplified the process of software license modification
-Fixed a bug with delete all data command
-School setup improvements
-Minor fixes
-Security enhancements


Version 1.6 (March 25, 2017)
-Fixed syntax error while processing names with ‘ sign
-Names in students manager are now left aligned by default
-Simplified the process of editing students information
-Fixed a bug with saved Calculator documents
-Improved sorting in Calculator
-Fixed a problem with number of attended subjects in Calculator
-Added an option to either include or ignore GS and BAM in average calculation
-Fixed a bug that prevented deleting students from command line
-Performance improvements
-Minor fixes


Version 1.5 (March 21, 2017)
-Added “All Streams” in Calculator class/stream list
-Added French, Literature in English, Arabic and Divinity in Score Submission System
-Added Remarks column in Calculator
-Minor fixes


Version 1.4
-Introduced an advanced software trial system
-Added subjects Arabic, Agriculture, Divinity, French and Literature in English
-Added password protection
-Added ability to delete all school data
-Fixed Results Editor subjects loading issue
-Security enhancements
-Minor fixes


Version 1.3
-Added System command
-Security enhancements
-Minor fixes


Version 1.2
-Added OLevel and ALevel Pass-marks
-Added Students Import functionality from CSV
-Calculator can now rename column titles
-Calculator can now show student average grade in A-Level mode
-Improved Students Promotion process
-Improved classes management
-Added ability to edit Form 4 & 6 exam numbers
-Added Class statistics
-Minor fixes


Version 1.1
– Fixed A-Level grading


Version 1.0
– Initial release

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